October 1, 2004: The Pedestal Magazine.com Posts Special "Political Issue"- Divergent Expressions from Around the World

Charlotte, NC – Where else could you go to see over 700 essays, images, poems, and stories from around the world – all creative expressions of what's happening in the international political arena. These expressions – liberal, conservative, and in between – are featured in the current issue of The Pedestal Magazine (www.ThePedestalMagazine.com) and will be online until November 3. "We wanted to create a venue, if you will, where divergent voices could be brought together in one place" states John Amen, founder and editor of the magazine.

A sampling of the contributors include: a letter from Senator John Kerry – excerpted from We'll Never Be Young Again: Remembering the Last Days of John F. Kennedy (courtesy of Tallfellow Press); a telling image by John A. Thompson, Sr. titled Unforgotten Firefighter; Jimmy Hall expounds how Democrats are a misled breed in his essay Kirsten Powers is Typical of Her Party; Stephen Ortman writes of a fictitious and humorous cabinet meeting at 3am in his piece Campaign Strategies; C.S. McKinstry questions Kerry’s commitment to keeping jobs in America in Heinz: Made in Mexico; and Latuff creates a striking image titled War For Oil.

John Amen continues, "While each expression in this anthology stands on its own, it’s worth noting that these pieces also exist in one context, are part of a whole. In that sense, it is my hope that this anthology will serve as a metaphor of sorts, an example of how profound differences can coexist."

The "Political Issue" is The Pedestal Magazine’s "community voicing" issue where open submissions are accepted around a particular current events theme. The previous "community voicing" issue was posted October 21, 2001 and included over 100 writings and images focused on the tragic events of 9/11.  "Based on the outpouring of submissions for the current issue, we know there is a need for a creative outlet of this kind and are committed to taking on community issues on a regular basis" stated Amen.

The Pedestal Magazine.com, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, is the vision of published writer and entrepreneur John Amen. Mr. Amen’s mission for the magazine is to publish a premier literary and art magazine, exclusively online, featuring new and established writers and visual artists.


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