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Campaign 2004

Enough of the he-said-it-first,
retaliated banter.
Toddler accusations:

Who walked first
Who was potty trained
Who did mother love best

Badges won and tossed.
Patriotism or courage,
honorable notions at best.

A crystal ball view
Families with safe homes,
clean streets made of gold.

From political pundits´ marionettes,
the answers come few
when heads bob in every town.

Kiss that child, a hand slaps
against dirty lips,
carrying immaturity´s plague.

Humanity in mothers´ tears,
doe-eyed girls and callused hands;
Even coffee-stained collars.

But money lines your pockets
from believers in the cause:
to sell humanity.

Debate 2004

Dust flies with breath
from chest top.
But latch moves easily,
despite four-year rest.

Wooden crosses hold strings
pulled high, you dangle.
Waiting for the call,
the quick turn of wrist.

The stage is lit.
You stand behind this wall,
Words malformed,
itching like ivy.

Master of speech.
Dance around questions,
pointing fingers at friends,
now foes.

Attack comrades,
to whom you trusted life.
They´ve turned on you
and your dishonorable chimera.

Medals thrown like a boomerang
only caught on your return
home to the microphone.

Elephant shouts triumph,
his advantage made;
but donkey´s ready to kick
about national duty shunned
and a cover-up revealed.

Failed tests, ignored orders,
a teen revolt in pilot´s clothes
mirrors anti-war protests
of decorated heroes.

These strings should unravel
under enormous weight
carried on the shoulders of boys
in a ring bright with flashbulbs.

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