Suite 101 Review

The Pedestal Magazine Deserves High Regard

Author: Rickey R. Mallory
Published on: August 31, 2001 in Suite 101

The Pedestal Magazine is a professional rate ezine, one of the very few I've seen on the Internet. They have a polished, quality look, and the site is easy to navigate. There is no masthead, nor are the pages or stories dated. The only indication that it's a new issue is in the editor's column on the home page.

I wish ezines would figure out that they need volume and issue information, and dates, so that surfers can easily tell that the content is/has and will change. *sigh*

Still, this is a professional magazine that pays professional rates and publishes exciting, fresh fiction and what appears to be excellent poetry. The writing quality of the contributors is excellent. The non-fiction is thoughtful and thought-provoking, and the features are well-handled.

I am enthralled with The Pedestal Magazine. The Editor-in-Chief, John Amen, is obviously committed to quality and professionalism (there's that word again), and it shows.

If there were any nits to pick, it would be the tiny font of the stories and articles. For someone who has crossed that indelible line into presbyopia, it's a little hard to read, even with my reading glasses.

Considering that a definition of pedestal is a position of high regard, I'd have to say that's where I rank this webzine.

You can find The Pedestal Magazine at

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