Pedestal 77
15-Year Anniversary Issue
December 21, 2015

          Fifteen years is a pretty long time, but I still get excited while pulling together an issue—reading, rereading, reviewing, editing, the emails and discussions with other editors. I’m endlessly appreciative of the staff that helps to manifest dynamic content year after year. I hope you’ll enjoy the poems and reviews included this time around. Moving into 2016, we’ll be revamping our web presence, creating a new and more cutting-edge website replete with more bells and whistles and administrative options as well. We’ll also host a few more readings in different parts of the country. Hopefully we’ll have a couple more surprises too. Finally, thanks so much to our readers. I hope you’ll continue to find value in this offering.

          Happy holidays, and all my best for 2016,

          John Amen
          Charlotte, NC

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