Pedestal E-vent in New York

The New York Pedestal Reading E-vent was held at Housing Works Used Book Cafe on November 7, 2004. The E-vent was open to any writer who had been published in The Pedestal Magazine. The participants included Suzanne Frischkorn, Richard Newman, Carol Carpenter, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, J.D. Smith, Chris George, Radomir Luza, Sharon Esther Lampert, Pat Falk, Jean Lehrman, Barbara Seaman, Chocolate Waters, Donna Spector, Scott Summers, Rochelle Ratner, Ahn Behrens, Ellin Pollachek, Florence Weinberger, and George Wallace. We thank Mollie Michels and the Housing Works Staff.

All photos, posted in the 25th issue, were taken by Jett Steiger.

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