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will grow up to be a poet. At first
you won't believe it. The same
small town capable of corn
seeding out both of you.

You'll consider contagion:
one incidental kitchen, a drink
from a common plastic tumbler,
standing at the only winter window,
an overheard conversation of sex.

It's not long before you'll understand
what the middle of this country
does to a woman, how it's all there
in her hands: a bit of metal, dirt,
the hope of fire and its suppression.

You will see that she knows ice
in the same measure as you
remember your mother, and why
the sparrow calls you home.

Sherre Vernon teaches at Camino Nuevo High School in central Los Angeles. She earned her Master's degree at California State University-San Marcos and was named a 2006 Nevada Stars Fellow at UNLV's Black Mountain Institute. Her writing credits include poems published in The Oyez Review, Tapestries, New Writings, Perigee, Eclipse, Red Hawk Review, Heartlodge, Susan B. and Me, and Freshwater. Green Ink Wings, her first work in fiction, won the 2005 chapbook award from Elixir Press. She has received recognition for her writing from Bright Hill Press (Honorable Mention) and the CPU Creative Writing Conference (Second Place).

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