"A ceramic deer in the Town of Holland was destroyed when a deer attacked it Sunday afternoon, according to the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department."
–AP News

I've never spray-painted your name
on an overpass but have considered
the climb and my poor penmanship.
Flowers wilt and I've forgotten
the tree in which I etched something
memorable. So much for blank verse
and bark. Soon we're lost in this
forest and you only wanted sunlight
between the branches. All those planes
I paid to pull your name across morning,
still you scoured the meadow for daisies–
how often we come home holding nothing.
You long for the symbolic and I'm searching
for something to lock horns with. An off-ramp
today and your lawn ornaments tomorrow,
anything that might make the invisible not so.

Tim Lockridge is currently an MFA candidate at Virginia Tech. His work recently appeared in Backwards City Review, on Verse Daily, and is forthcoming in Redivider.

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