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    Issue 76
            Editor Introduction


            Introduction by Marge Simon & Bruce Boston
            Diana Smith Bolton - Lewis Carroll Knew My Family: A Series
            Ken Poyner - Miracles
            Ross Wilcox - Critique of Car Accident Art Museum
            Stephen Toskar - Lunar Eclipse by the Chitose River, December 10, 2011
            Mack W. Mani - And then the stars
            Rose Blackthorn - Time Capsule
            Andrew Pidoux - Tourists Do Not Touch the God
            Steven Ratiner - Venetian Red
            Christina Zawadiwsky - Tether
            Charles Gramlich - Gaunt
            Frederick Pollack - The Dark Side of The Force in Relation to Art
            Richard Bruns - Whatever Happened to Scott Carey?
            John Philip Johnson - Selenites
            Linda Rodriguez - Crow Mother (for Frida Kahlo)
            Fred R. Kane - Schizophrenic Conversation at the Four Winds Bar
            Gary Singh - Analog Reincarnation
            Daniel Ausema - The Alien Ruins
            Dane Cervine - Copernicus
            Gabrielle Bates - Flyology


            Fiction Introduction


            Reviews introduction

        Interviews & Essays

            Interview with Chris Saade


            Corrina Bain's Debridement
            Kristy Bowen's major characters in minor films
            Alan Britt's Lost Among the Hours
            Beth Ann Cagle's First Comes Love
            Peter Neil Carroll's Fracking Dakota
            Sami Shalom Chetrit's Jews: Translations from Hebrew 1982-2013
            Carolyn Mary Kleefeld's The Divine Kiss
            Linda Lerner's Yes, the Ducks Were Real
            Robert Aquinas McNally's Simply to Know Its Name
            Richard Peabody's The Richard Peabody Reader
            Gail Peck's The Braided Light
            Diana Pinckney's The Beast and the Innocent
            Martin Settle's The Teleology of Dunes
            Judith Skillman's House of Burnt Offerings
            Jared Smith's To the Dark Angels
            Mark Smith-Soto's Time Pieces
            t. kilgore splake's winter river flowing: selected poems 1979-2014
            Amy Uyematsu's The Yellow Door

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