What passes as interior is wire and cotton
swatches of sky. Other tableaus hold further
lyric nests an alto plano floating free of earth
undocumented rivers, illicit flutter.

Here a citizenry of birds opens the portfolio
of day, anthem skimming above the forest’s
mineral shade. Outside the glass children rise
one by one to scavenge echoes

fallen from the hollows of travelers who,
wary as taxidermists turned out of their own skin,
cloak themselves in habitat; part predator,
part leaf, part cellophane sky.

Gregory Mahrer’s work has been published inThe New England Review, The Indiana Review, Green Mountains Review, Volt, Colorado Review, and Haden’s Ferry Review as well as Poetry Daily and Verse Daily. Several of his poems have been nominated for Pushcart Prizes. One of those poems, “Refrain,” received a Pushcart Special Mention. His new collection, A Provisional Map of the Lost Continent, is set to be published by Fordham University Press in the Spring of 2016.

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