Notes Regarding Radios

Mine is not mine,
but a tradeoff, he said. One with rose petals in it,
one with the setting sun. 
     Another has a table
covered with multicolored sticky notes.
The man sitting there has sketched a tiny portrait
on each note. Now he goes upstairs

where a woman holds her own radio in her lap.
This one hides the candy wrappers, this one
holds its ocean.

She is taken for ransom. His portraits submit
to water damage. They are both spread
against their own walls.

David Welper’s latest book Lookbaby, (Big Mile Books, 2013), is available at and through He received his MA in Creative Writing from Wayne State University. His work appears in Housefirebooks, Denver Syntax, Gumball Poetry, and Denver Poetry Map, among other journals. He is a psychiatric nurse and lives in the Bay Area.

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